Ends on February 15, 2018

2018 C A L L for S U B M I S S I O N S
Accepting Submissions: November 15, 2017 – February 15, 2018

   DEAR CITY: The Urban Epistolary

The Slag Glass City seeks  EPISTOLARY ESSAYS to-or-from YOUR CITY.

WRITE US AN ESSAY LETTER!  Love Letter • Breakup Letter • Open Letter • Thank You Letter • Follow-Up Letter • Complaint Letter • Application Letter • Rejection Letter • Letter-to-the-Editor • Letter of Recommendation • Literary Correspondence • Letter to a Pen-Pal • Letter of Protest • Cease and Desist Letter • Letter to Book Accommodation • Series of Postcards • Etc.

The essay-letter can be FROM YOUR CITY, e.g: Dear America. This is how it feels to be underwater. Love, Houston. OR Dear Congress. Here are how our immigrants get the job done. Love, Los Angeles. OR Dear President. Would you drink this water? Love, Flint.  

OR it can be addressed TO THE CITY WHERE YOU LIVE or HAVE LIVED or SIGNIFICANTLY VISITED, e.g: Dear Orlando. We are still grieving. OR Dear Oakland. Here is what your gentrification means to me. OR Dear Dubrovnik. Here is how you heal me.  

OR AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN PEOPLE IN A CITY OR CITIES, which might even be a collaborative work. 

OR SURPRISE US! Feel free to use the tone and form to adore, assuage, and/or assail. Any length, from short-short to longform.

This nonfiction submission should inhabit the format or intention of an actual letter, but may also employ fragments, braids, mosaic, montage, photographs, sound, drawing, image + text, and/or hybridity. We welcome anything fresh and original that fits our theme.

The essay-letters our 2018 editorial board selects will be published in the online journal AND considered for our miniature print editions. 

Slag Glass City considers nonfiction prose, graphic memoir, video, sound, photography, mixed media, or any other form of the essay arts. 

Regular submissions are still open October through June.

Slag Glass City publishes continuously.

We seek new, original nonfiction literature and art from, by, and about cities, urban sustainability, and what does and does not makes cities livable.

We accept general submissions on a rolling basis, from September 15-June 15.

We would love to consider:

—Lyric, essayistic, reportorial, narrative, and/or hybrid nonfiction prose; between 500 and 5000 words is usual, but we will consider any length if the work fits our mission;

—Video and audio essays up to five minutes in length;

—Photo essays (with or without prose) of up to 15 images. [Please email us if your media submission is too large for the submission manager];

—Other visual, digital, audio, or literary forms.

For our complete guidelines, please visit www.slagglasscity.com.